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New chamber with high precision temp control and compact construction -GMS/G Series


In response to the testing and R&D needs of electronic components such as semiconductors and automotive electronics, ESPEC(Guangdong)has developed a smaller capacity -Compact Rapid Temperature Change(humidity) Chamber -GMS/G series, which can meet the needs of customers with space size requirements while maintaining the advantages of standard GF series chamber with single-phase 220VAC voltage specifications, and can meet the equipment use needs of customers in civil office areas such as research institutions and universities.


Strong Temperature performance

A fast temperature rise and fall rate:15°C/min is available.
Humidity range: 10% ~ 98%rh.
(*Temperature range: -45℃?+155℃)

Single-phase 220VAC to meet the power requirements of more customers

Single-phase 220VAC, which is suitable for industrial and residential power supply specifications, can meet the equipment power requirements of customers in research institutions, universities and other residential office areas.

Small and exquisite body, compact structure, easy to move

Miniaturization of the chamber structure design, can effectively save configuration space; Inner tank volume of 100L, size width 600mm, depth less than 1400mm, volume less than 1.1m3, suitable for most residential and commercial elevators in China (GB/T7025.1);
Standard universal wheels enable the chamber to move freely.

Air-cooled specifications as standard for ease of movement and installation

It also eliminates the cost and space for customers to configure cooling water towers.

More ergonomic operation touch screen design

Through the multi-angle adjustment of the touch screen, it can meet the operation needs of users of different heights and the best view, more convenient and comfortable.

Maintain the advantages of GF series

Balanced Temperature (&Humidity)Control system(BTHC system)and PID control function.
Interface (option)for device communication can be selected between RS-485, GPIB,Web Lan and RS-232C.
Cable ports on both sides (θ50mm) as standard to allow easy wiring access.

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